Water Nozzle With Soap Dispenser

Water Nozzle With Soap Dispenser 

Wash your car or windows with ease using our inventive Water Nozzle With Soap Dispenser!

With the built-in soap dispenser, now you can spray soap and water at the same time so you can get to work quicker and easier.

The empty cartridge is marked so you can pour out the exact amount of soap you want for the task at hand.

You can adjust the force in which the nozzle sprays with using the 3-speed gear to find the perfect pressure for your car or plants.


  • Simply press the handle to release the soap
  • The empty compartment is marked so you know how much to pour
  • Sprays soap and water at the same time so you can clean your car quicker
  • Made with premium engineered plastic for a durable finish

Keep your car clean with ease using our Water Nozzle With Soap Dispenser and order yours online today!

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