USB Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

USB Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Add a modern touch of fashion to your interior while making it smell better than ever with our stunning USB Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser. 

You can use any scented oil of your choosing in these diffusing candles so you can make it smell the way you like it around your home.

Simply fill the oil diffuser with 120ml of water and 4-6 drops of oil or more if you want a heavier scent. Then just close the diffuser, press the power button, and it will start lighting up and dispensing a light misted fragrance of pure delight!


  • Fill the compartment with 130ml of water
  • Lasts for 4 hours continuously
  • Adds a charming contemporary touch of style to your interior
  • Made with high-quality wood in a contemporary style

Add a lovely scented fragrance around your home with our modern USB Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and order yours online today!

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