Ultimate Multi-Function Bottle Opener

Ultimate Multi-Function Bottle Opener

Uncap any bottle, unscrew any jar, and make your life easier with our Ultimate Multi-Function Bottle Opener!

Now you no longer have to yell out for your oldest sibling to unscrew a jar of pickles for you! This Multifunctional Bottle Opener makes it so easy to uncap just about anything.

You can even use it to seal up a bag of chips as it can be used as a clamp to keep bags closed. Use it to pop a cap off a cold one after work and this will easily be your new favorite toy to use around the home!


  • Open a bottle, close a bag of chips, or open up a jarred container
  • A smooth ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to grip
  • Made with quality stainless steel metal for a durable finish
  • Makes a great gift for a friend or loved one during their birthday or the holidays

Keep our handy Ultimate Multi-Function Bottle Opener on by your side and order yours online today!