Tomato & Onion Steel Slicer

Tomato & Onion Steel Slicer 

Cut equally thin, proportional slices of your favorite round vegetables with our handy Tomato & Onion Steel Slicer!

Just place your tomato, potato, or onion under the Steel Slicer and you can easily cut thin slices equally proportional so you don't spend extra time trying to perfect it yourself.

Not only does this Steel Slicer help you cut the perfect slice of vegetables but it protects your hands from sharp objects when cutting.


  • Made with industrial stainless steel metal
  • Protects your fingers from cuts when chopping vegetables
  • Helps you cut equally thin slices of tomatoes, onions, or potatoes
  • Handheld design that's easy to grip

Cut perfect slices of tomatoes with our Tomato & Onion Steel Slicer and order yours online today!

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