Stainless Steel Fruit Core Remover

Stainless Steel Fruit Core Remover

With the Stainless Steel Fruit Core Remover, you no longer have to eat around the core of any fruit again!

Just press the Steel Fruit Core Remover into the core of any fruit and it will cut a clean cylinder shape through the fruit so you can eat it seed free.

Now you don't have to waste any part of the fruit when eating around the core as this Fruit Core Remover gets to the core only so you can enjoy the rest!


  • Made with premium stainless steel metal
  • Cuts a clean cylinder right through any apple or pear
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Allows you to eat an apple comfortably without going around the core or eating seeds

Enjoy your favorite fruits without the seeds using our Stainless Steel Fruit Core Remover and order yours online today!

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