Stainless Steel Egg Opener

Stainless Steel Egg Opener

We all know how tough it can be to crack an egg without the eggshells falling on the pan. Well with the Stainless Steel Egg Opener you can crack open eggs perfectly without a single shell falling through!

Just place your egg at the center of the opening, lightly press the handle together and it will crack your egg perfectly.

This Egg Opener will save you so much time and the hassle of picking through the eggs to get the shells. Now that's a problem of the past!


  • made with premium quality stainless steel metal
  • Easily cracks open an egg without making a mess
  • Don't worry about eggshells falling through anymore
  • The ergonomic grip that's easy to hold and comfortable to use

Crack open your eggs with ease using our Stainless Steel Egg Opener and order yours online today!

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