Stainless Steel Banana Cutter

Stainless Steel Banana Cutter

Slice your banana up into equal fun snack size portions with our handy Stainless Steel Banana Cutter!

If you're trying to make a salad more presentable, add more flavor to your oatmeal, or just trying to serve your kids a healthy snack, the Stainless Steel Banana Cutter makes your job a lot easier.

It's made with premium stainless steel metal that offers an effortless cut of equal thin proportions that make great snack size pieces for your guests to eat.


  • Makes it easy to cut your banana into equally thin pieces
  • Great for those making salads, healthy snacks for their kids, or oatmeal
  • Made with premium stainless steel metal
  • Durable ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip

Cut perfectly thin, equal slices of banana with our Stainless Steel Banana Cutter and order yours online today!

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