Silicone Cooking Utensils Set

Silicone Cooking Utensils Set

Complete your kitchen cooking utensil set with something more modern, handy, and colorful using our Silicone Cooking Utensils Set!

With a variety of different cooking utensils like a spatula, spoon, ladle, tongs, and a spaghetti server, you'll have everything you need to make sure that the next meal is easier to cook.

Each of the utensils is made with a premium non-stick silicone material that ensures nothing sticky, greasy, or burnt sticks to the surface while you cook. Plus the solid wooden handle adds to the stylish appeal while being comfortable to grip.


  • Available in black, pink and teal
  • Non-stick silicone tips
  • The solid wooden handle makes them durable and more stylish
  • Comes with a fork, spoon, ladle, tongs, and spaghetti grabber

Cook any meal with ease when you have our Silicone Cooking Utensils Set and order yours online today!

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