Round Foldable Microwave Stand

Round Foldable Microwave Stand

No room in the microwave to place everything you want in there? Well, make room with our Round Foldable Microwave Stand!

You can place one meal underneath the stand and one on top when you have the legs standing up allowing you to make two meals for you and your partner.

Flip the Stand around and you can place another dish inside and use the handles to take it out of the microwave without burning yourself!


  • Allows you to fit double the amount of food in your microwave
  • Can be flipped around and used to hold a dish with the legs as handles
  • Made with a premium plastic material that's heat resistant
  • The legs are foldable making it easy to store
Double the amount of food you put in the microwave with our Round Foldable Microwave Stand and order yours online today!

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