Reusable Washable Double Sided Tape

Reusable Washable Double Sided Tape

Don't you get tired of running out of scotch tape frequently? Well with the Reusable Washable Double Sided Tape you'll never need to buy another roll of tape again!

It's 100% washable and reusable so you don't need to worry about it ever drying up on you.

The premium quality gel material that is used with the adhesive tape makes it incredibly strong, sticky, and guaranteed to keep things sticking together for as long as you leave it up!


  • Reusable double-sided tape that lasts much longer than any scotch
  • Wash the tape with hot water and you can reuse it again
  • Can use the tape up to 600 times before throwing it out
  • Strong sticky gel adhesive makes it incredibly strong
Keep all your things together with ease using our Reusable Washable Double Sided Tape and order yours online today!