Precision Adjustable Measuring Spoon & Scale

Measure your cooking ingredients precisely without extra measuring spoons using our all in one Precision Adjustable Measuring Spoon & Scale!

Simply shift the button to change measuring modes with ease so you can be exact with your baking or cooking with no disparity.

Now you can save yourself tons of space in your kitchen cabinets as there won't be a need for additional measuring spoons or cups after this!

The rounded scoop design makes it easy to pour any powder or liquid ingredients without making a mess so you're not left cleaning up anything at the end!


  • Made with premium ABS material 
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Allows you to take different measurements without the need for measuring cups
  • Adjust the measuring scoop with the front button 

Measure out exact ingredients with the help of our Precision Adjustable Measuring Spoon & Scale and order yours online today!

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