Plexiglass Food Sealing Vacuum


If you're looking the quickest way to seal all your food baggies then our Plexiglass  Food Sealing Vacuum is the answer for you!

With a high-powered 3000R speed rotary and 100W power, this vacuum makes sealing your bags completely effortless and instant.

The surface of the vacuum is premium plexiglass that's easy to clean so you're never left with the burdensome task of cleaning up a big mess.

10 plastic food bags come included with the Food Sealing Vacuum so you can cook a meal tonight and pack it away once you're all finished!


  • High powered 3000R rotar that seals food baggies instantly
  • 100W with long-lasting battery life
  • 4 different plug types to choose from
  • Soft-touch buttons with LED indicator lights

Seal your food baggies instantly with our innovative Plexiglass Food Sealing Vacuum and order yours online today!

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