Pelvic Muscle Exerciser

Pelvic Muscle Exerciser

If you're trying to make your body more feminine then our Pelvic Muscle Exerciser is just what you need to shape those glutes and thighs to supermodel status.

Place the Pelvic Muscle Exerciser between the gap of your legs and squeeze it together for 10-20 reps at a time.

Do this continuously for about 5-6 sets and you'll feel a great burn that strengthens your muscles while toning that thigh gap!


  • Helps you shape that thigh gap for a sexy appeal
  • Works your thighs, glutes, and hip flexor
  • Place the Exerciser between your legs and squeeze them together
  • Makes a great gift for a friend or loved one into fitness

Shape your thigh gap with our Pelvic Muscle Exerciser and order yours online today!

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