Outdoor Cooling Wine Bottle Bag

Outdoor Cooling Wine Bottle Bag

Who says you can't enjoy a fine glass of wine out in the wild? Well, we had you in mind when designing this Outdoor Cooling Wine Bottle Bag.

With a comfortable handle strap and an insulated food-grade PVC material to keep your beverages cold, this handy wine bottle bag is just what you need to carry that bottle of Chardonnay you’ve been dying to open up.

You can carry this wine bottle bag with you as you explore the deep woods or keep it in your backpack and it’s sure to stay ice cold, ready for the night to begin.

Just place the wine cooling bag in a freezer for about 2 hours and it's ready to host any fine bottle of wine you'd like!


  • Made with high-grade PVC material that keeps your wine cool
  • Place in your freezer for about 2 hours before using
  • Can fit a single larger sized bottle
  • Convenient handle straps for easy transport

Enjoy some wine on your next outdoor getaway with our Outdoor Cooling Wine Bottle Bag and order yours online today!

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