Outdoor Active Waist Pack

Outdoor Active Waist Pack

With the Outdoor Active Waist Pack, you no longer have to worry about your phone, keys, or wallet slipping out of your pocket when enjoying the outdoors.

It's a common problem many active individuals face around the world. You're going for a run, hike, or walk and suddenly you don't feel your phone or keys in your wallet, Well now you can keep your valuables securely around your waist with the Outdoor Active Waist Pack.

It fits snugly around your waist without causing any discomfort and comes with a few pockets that comfortably fit your phone, wallet, keys, and the rest of your needed essentials.


  • Made with premium PU and polyester material 
  • Can fit your phone, wallet, keys, charger, water bottle
  • Fits around your waist securely so all your valuables are right in front of you
  • Audio jack allows you to listen to your music on the go

Enjoy the ultimate running experience with our handy Outdoor Active Waist Pack and order yours online today!

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