Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bag

Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bag

Cook your shrimp, ribs, patties, hotdogs, and more with our Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bag next time you decide to grill.

These mesh bags were designed to make your food taste completely grilled without the metal taste or black tar rubbing on your meats or veggies. Plus you don't have to worry about any patties or hotdogs slipping through the bags!

These bags are 100% heat resistant and cook your food evenly due to the mesh design so you can rest assured your favorite meats will come out tasting just the way you like them.


  • 100% heat resistant material
  • The mesh design allows the meat to be cooked evenly
  • Non-stick material so the food doesn't stick to the bag
  • Protects your food from falling through the grill

Cook your favorite food safely with our Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bag and order yours online today!

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