Non-stick Cheese Melter Pan

Non-stick Cheese Melter Pan

Make a nice meatloaf or grilled cheese using our premier Non-Stick Cheese Melting Pan!

Made with premium quality Teflon material, this Melting Pan is 100% non-stick and durable to the touch. You can make all sorts of baked meals with the Cheese Melting Pan as it's the perfect size to cook a small meal.

A smooth wooden handle makes it easy to grab when it's done baking so you don't burn yourself. Plus with the stylish design, you'll feel extra happy when baking your favorite cheese!


  • Made with premium Teflon material
  • 100% non-stick
  • Can bake cheese, small meatloaf, veggies and more
  • Wooden handle allows you to pull it out of the oven comfortably

Bake your favorite cheese with our stylish Non-stick Cheese Melter Pan and order yours online today!

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