Non-Slip Furniture Moving Straps


Non-Slip Furniture Moving Straps

It can be tough moving large pieces of furniture when moving in or out of a new place or just buying new pieces to decorate your home with. 

Well with the Non-Slip Furniture Moving Straps you can move any size piece of furniture with just two people.

Now you can turn a 10 man job into a 2 man job with these strong supporting straps. Just wrap them under the piece of furniture and the other ends around your arms or back and you'll be able to lift any size load with ease!


  • Made with tough grade nylon fabric for a resilient finish
  • Makes it easy to lift any size piece of furniture
  • Encourages proper lifting techniques to prevent injury
  • Can be worn over the arms, shoulders, or back

Lift any piece of furniture with ease using our Non-Slip Furniture Moving Straps and order yours online today!

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