Multifunction Adjustable Lighting Fan

Multifunction Adjustable Lighting Fan

Make all your uncomfortably hot moments at home evaporate with our Multifunction Adjustable Lighting Fan!

You can adjust the max height of 90cm or keep it compact to fit right on a desk. There's even a built-in humidifier that provides a light mist so you can breathe comfortably at night and sleep great!

You can also turn on the night light attached to the fan at night to make it easier for you to drift off to sleep but don't do it manually because you can do it with the included remote control!


  • Height adjustable fan that can reach as far as 90cm
  • Built-in humidifier allows you to breath more comfortably at night
  • Remote control comes with the fan so you can power it on and the light
  • Night light also built into the fan so you can sleep more comfortably

Enjoy a cool breezy night with our Multifunction Adjustable Lighting Fan and order yours online today!

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