Multi-function Cleaning Spray Brush

Multi-function Cleaning Spray Brush

Clean your windows with ease at double the speed when using our Multi-function Cleaning Spray Brush!

Inside the Cleaning Brush is a spray bottle that allows you to wet the surface of glass conveniently before giving it a quick scrub.

Wet any glass, use the squeegee, and dry the rest with the microfiber cloth material attached at the other end of the CLeaning Spray Brush. It's that simple.

Now you can take care of all your living interior and car cleaning needs with a single tool!


  • Built-in spray bottle helps you wet the surface before wiping
  • Double-sided with a squeegee on one side and a cleaning brush on the other
  • Available in Green, Blue, Orange
  • You can take off the microfiber cloth to clean it 

Keep your windows clean with our handy Multi-function Cleaning Spray Brush and order yours online today!

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