Mini Size UV Flashlight

Mini Size UV Flashlight

If you want to clean old, dirty pet stains that have been lingering in your home but have no idea where they are, then use this Mini Size UV Flashlight to help you find those nasty stains. 

This mini UV waterproof flashlight comes equipped with T6 torch side COB design that emits a bright UV light so you can find old stains that have been ruining your tiles and hardwood floors.

You can even zoom in and out making the brightness either brighter or dimmer and giving you a wider circumference to find those hard-to-see pet stains.

Clip it onto your belt loop, travel bag/backpack, or keep it in your pocket for easy access, and with a 100% waterproof design, this mini UV flashlight for hunting is the best for those who enjoy the outdoors.


  • Emits a bright UV purple light that can be used to find stains on the floor or for outdoor use like fishing, hiking, and hunting
  • Made with incredibly durable aluminum alloy metal for a long-lasting finish
  • Portable design that fits easily in your pocket
  • Adjustable zoom in and out function gives you a wider scope of vision

Find pet stains or enjoy your hunting trip with this Mini Size UV Flashlight and order yours online today!

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