Mesh Compression Knee Brace

Mesh Compression Knee Brace

If you’re suffering from nagging knee pain but don’t want to stop playing the sports you love or stop working out, then you need our Mesh Compression Knee Brace.

The breathable mesh design makes this brace very comfortable to wear as cool air passes through so it never gets sweaty and irritating. Supreme quality nylon and spandex material wraps your knee with premium insulation that ensures it stays in place.

This knee brace works slightly different than most. With extra compression by the knee, this knee brace locks your patella in place so it doesn't rattle, shake, or ever feel like it'll come out of place.


  • Available in sizes from S - 3XL
  • Made with a premium blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon
  • Keeps your knee in place comfortably during workouts
  • Great knee brace for those performing explosive movements and workouts

Protect your knees when working out with our Extended Knee Brace With Straps and order yours online today!

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