Meat Injector With Marinade Needles

Meat Injector With Marinade Needles

With the Meat Injector With Marinade Needles, you can add some serious flavor to all your grilled meats!

Typical marinating methods usually cover the outside of the meat only but with the Meat Injector, marinade needles go into the meat and release your marinades so all the flavor seeps into the center of your meat.

You'll notice much more flavor when biting into that next stake as the Meat Injector goes deep into the meat to tenderize and marinate it the way a top chef would!


  • Can be used on poultry, steak, beef
  • Injects your marinade at the center of the meat for more flavor
  • Capacity: 3fl oz
  • High-quality stainless steel needles make it easy to pierce through meat

Add more flavor to your meats with our Meat Injector With Marinade Needles and order yours online today!

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