Laundry Washing Shoe Basket

Laundry Washing Shoe Basket

With the Laundry Washing Shoe basket, you can easily wash any pair of shoes without the worry of them getting damaged in the washer!

You’d think your shoes be safe being washed in the washer right? What harm could be done? Well, a lot...and that’s where these Laundry Washing Shoe Baskets come in handy.

They’re made with waterproof foam and polyester material that protects your shoes from damage caused by your washer when banging and rotating around. Now you don’t have to worry about your shoes coming out worse than when they went in anymore!


  • Made with premium waterproof foam and polyester material
  • Available in white color.
  • Interior ringed foam protects your shoes in the washer
  • Fits 1 pair of shoes in the basket

Keep your shoes safe in the washer with our Laundry Washing Shoe Basket and order yours online today!

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