Large Measuring Cup & Batter Dispenser

Large Measuring Cup & Batter Dispenser

With the Large Measuring Cup & Batter Dispenser, it's never been easier to go from pancake batter in a cup to a pan!

At the bottom of the measuring cup is a little hold that allows you to pour out the batter inside the container without making a mess.

To open the bottom hole of the Batter Dispenser just press the switch attached to the handle to open up the bottom and your batter will pour out easily.


  • Made with high-quality plastic material
  • Conveniently dispenses batter through the bottom opening
  • Open the bottom lid by pressing the switch on the handle
  • Can hold a total of 4 cups

Make your batter and pour it out with ease using our Large Measuring Cup & Batter Dispenser and order yours online today!

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