Handheld Vegetable Chopper

Handheld Vegetable Chopper

Cut the time it takes you to chop all the vegetables and meats for the family meal in half using our Handheld Vegetable Chopper. 

You’ve never seen a veggie cutter as quick and fun to use as this one. Simply toss in your veggies, meat, or fruits into the chopper, seal the lid, and start pulling on the lever like a madman, and your veggies will be ready in seconds.

High-quality stainless steel blades at the bottom of the chopper finely dice up fruit, veggie, or meats quicker than any other shredder you’ve ever used!


  • Industrial grade stainless steel blades ensure a finely diced cut
  • Quick and easy to use just pull the lever a few times and your veggies are ready
  • Available in several different color options
  • Dices and chops veggies with ease

Prepare the family meal quicker than before with our Handheld Vegetable Chopper and order yours online today!

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