Handheld Knife & Cutting Board

Handheld Knife & Cutting Board

With our Handheld Knife & Cutting Board, you’ll never need to bring out a separate cutting board to dice up your meat or veggies again! 

This inventive knife features a bottom rectangular base that the blade meets when chopping your vegetables. Use it like scissors and you can cut the time in which you prepare your daily meals in half! No pun intended...

The blade itself is crafted from industrial grade stainless steel metal that ensures a fine cut. An ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to grip so your hand never gets tired when chopping up all the meat and veggies for the family.


  • The blade is made with premium stainless steel metal
  • An ergonomic handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip
  • Saves you the hassle from needing a spare cutting board in the kitchen
  • Cut cheese, vegetables, or meat with ease

Prepare any meal without the need for a cutting board anymore when using our Handheld Knife & Cutting Board and order yours online today!

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