Handheld Corn Cob Peeler

Handheld Corn Cob Peeler

If you're tired of eating your corn right off the cob and seeing a lot go to waste then our Handheld Corn Cob Peeler belongs in your kitchen cabinets!

High-quality stainless steel cutters at the end of the peeler make it easy to cut your corn while the attached storage compartment collects everything you peel.

Empty the cartridge out when you're done peeling your corn and enjoy your corn on a plate or bowl quicker without any going to waste.


  • Stainless steel peeler cuts corn with ease
  • The attached compartment collects all the corn so it's easy to pour out
  • Handheld design that's easy to use
  • Makes a great gift for any friend or loved one

Peel your corn with ease using our Handheld Corn Cob Peeler and order yours online today!

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