Extended Knee Brace With Straps

Extended Knee Brace With Straps

Keep your knees protected during physical sports, extreme powerlifting, or going for a run around the block with our Extended Knee Brace With Straps.

This extended knee brace provides full patella coverage while insulating your knee so it stays looks and limber throughout the day.

There are also extra straps around the brace you can use for extra coverage and security so you never experience knee aches, cramping, or discomfort of any kind when working out!


  • Available in sizes from S - 3XL
  • Made with a premium blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon
  • Comes with straps attached for extra safety and comfort
  • Great knee brace for those performing explosive movements and workouts

Protect your knees when working out with our Extended Knee Brace With Straps and order yours online today!

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