Energy Saving Adjustable Faucet Head

Energy Saving Adjustable Faucet Head

With the Energy Saving Adjustable Faucet Head, you'll be able to accomplish anything in the kitchen quickly and efficiently!

 3 different pulse modes allow you to adjust the speed and pressure of the water so you can make it suitable for the present needs.

Not only can you wash your fruits lightly, spray dishes vigorously, or wash them casually, but the Faucet Head is 100% energy efficient so it saves you money in the long run!


  • 3 Modes: Pulse mode, shower + pulse, shower pattern
  • makes it easier to wash your dishes and fruits
  • Made with premium stainless steel and ABS for an everlasting finish
  • Easily attaches to your kitchens faucet 

Wash dishes with ease using our Energy Saving Adjustable Faucet Head and order yours online today!

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