Electric Pulse Neck Massager

Electric Pulse Neck Massager

Do you suffer from aching neck cramps and lingering muscle tension? Our Electric Pulse Neck Massager produces a light electrical shock that therapeutically heals tense neck muscles and strains while you sit back and relax.

The rounded cervical design was brilliantly engineered to fit your neck perfectly with enough space to make it comfortable. With up to 3 different intensity levels the electric massager is a great way to treat tense necks, muscle spasms, and painful neck cramps.

Two round pulsing pads attach to the neck nodules and provide a highly relaxing shock that gets to the core of your muscle fibers and joints, restoring them back to normal health with consistent use.


  • Battery operated neck massager
  • Therapeutically heals lingering neck pain
  • Fits perfectly for a comfortable experience
  • Great treatment for muscle spasms, tension, and joint pain
  • 3 different intensity levels

Restore your neck back to normal health with our innovative Electric Pulse Neck Massager and order yours online today!

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