Electric Drying Folding Clothes Hanger

Electric Drying Folding Clothes Hanger

This is more than just your everyday clothes hanger. An automatic built-in drying unit allows you to hang up your shirts, shoes, socks, and pants while the hanger blows out hot air so your clothes are ready to fold in no time. 

Aside from the heat exhaustion drying your clothes it irons out all wrinkles more effective and twice as quick than your typical iron.

You can even fold the clothes hanger at the sides so it can fit into your suitcase or luggage when you need to take it on the road!


  • Built-in drying unit helps dry your clothes quicker than a typical iron
  • Comes with different attachments so you can dry socks, shirts, shoes, pants, and more
  • Foldable design that makes it easy to take with you on the go
  • 5kg bearing capacity allows you to hang any article of clothing comfortably

Dry your clothes with modern innovation using our Electric Drying Folding Clothes Hanger and order yours online today!

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