Electric Adjustable Cleaning Brush

Electric Adjustable Cleaning Brush

If you're looking for an easier way to scrub your toilet, shower, tile floors, or kitchen then our Electric Adjustable Cleaning Brush is just the thing you need.

No more hand scrubbing every little part of your home as this Automatic Scrubber gets the job done without you doing a thing!

You can adjust the length of the Cleaning Brush so those hard to reach places are easy to scrub now. The bristles are premium nylon material that disinfects surfaces in seconds with a quality scrub.


  • 360-degree scrubbing technology
  • Premium quality nylon bristles make it easy to scrub
  • Adjust the length of the rod to get those hard to reach places
  • Use it to scrub any part of your home

Keep your home clean without using a mop again with our Electric Adjustable Cleaning Brush and order yours online today!

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