Edge Hanging Trash Bin Lid

Edge Hanging Trash Bin Lid

Keep your kitchen counters and bathroom clean with our Edge Hanging Trash Bin!

Just hang this trash bin lid over any little cabinet, drawer, or the edge of any desk and you can keep throwing your trash away as long as you have your own plastic bags attached.

Now you can just scoop the food off your kitchen counters right into the trashcan without having to sweep up the crumbs later.

The lid is made with a quality plastic material that's not only easy to clean but durable to the touch so it doesn't sustain damage like your typical trash bin.


  • Can be hung conveniently at the edge of any drawer or cabinet
  • Made with food-grade plastic material
  • Bags not included
  • Hang it in your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom

Throw trash away with ease using our Edge Hanging Trash Bin Lid and order yours online today!

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