Dust Mop Slipper Cleaner

Dust Mop Slipper Cleaner

Clean the floors in your home with your feet! With the Dust Mop Slipper Cleaner, you can either place it conventionally on a duster or the fun way... on your feet.

The Dust Mop Slipper Cleaner has an interior elastic band that fits any sized shoe/foot without being uncomfortable.

Your kid and you can both use the Dust Mop Slipper Cleaner and with the premium microfiber material all dirty spots will be instantly wiped away.


  • Made with a premium microfibre fabric 
  • Highly absorbent material that dries quickly
  • Place the Slipper Cleaner on a dust mop or your feet
  • Available in 5 different color options

Keep your floors clean the fun way with our Dust Mop Slipper Cleaner and order yours online today!

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