Dual Handle Silicone Shower Back Scrubber

Dual-Handle Silicone Shower Back Scrubber

It can be tough scrubbing your back in the shower, can't it? Reaching as far back as you can only to scrub just part of it. It's a common struggle many of us short arm folk suffer from.

Well, with the Dual Handle Silicone Shower Scrubber you can reach every angle of your back so you never miss a spot!

This extended silicone paddle features premium silicone bristles that make it easy to scrub away filth and dirt on your back when you can't reach it.


  • Made with premium food-grade silicone material
  • Makes it easy to scrub your back from top to bottom
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle that's easy to grip
  • Available in green, blue, and pink

Scrub your back in the shower with ease using our Dual Handle Silicone Shower Back Scrubber and order yours online today!

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