Double-Sided Microfiber Car Duster

Double-Sided Microfiber Car Duster

Say goodbye to a dirty, dust-filled car interior because with our Double-Sided Microfiber Car Duster you’ll be wiping away filth with easy!

On one side you have long nylon bristles tightly compact so you can scrub off built-up dirt or grime easily, while the other side is a three pieced microfiber cleaning pad that polishes off air vents for a clean spotless look.

Lightweight and very portable makes this car duster easy to travel with and even easier to clean!


  • Double-sided car duster
  • Strong nylon bristles and soft microfiber cleaning pads
  • Gets into your air vents with ease
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Maintain your car's clean polished look with our handy Double Sided Microfiber Car Duster and order yours online today!

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