Contemporary Floating Globe Stand

Contemporary Floating Globe Stand

Decorate your living interior with our Contemporary Floating Globe Stand and your guests will be gazing in awe of how this innovative globe works. 

Through the use of ingenious magnetic elevation, this globe is able to be suspended in the air without it ever falling or coming loose! It’s as brilliant as it is amazing and it’s sure to get some conversation started when your friends see it.

Multicolored LED lights on the inside of the base make this entire globe light up with pure vibrancy that only adds to the amazing spectacle for a cool night show.


  • Available in 3 different style options
  • The globe suspends in the air via innovative magnetic technology
  • Cool multicolored LED lights built into the globe for extra fun
  • Comes with the globe, base, and wall adapter

Introduce a modern touch of style to your room with our Contemporary Floating Globe Stand and order yours online today!

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