Collapsible Electric Water Kettle


Collapsible Electric Water Kettle

With the Collapsible Electric Water Kettle, you no longer have to wait 15 minutes for your water to boil!

That's right. This 100% electric water kettle works at triple the speed of conventional tea kettles that wait hours until they boil.

No more waiting for water to heat up, with this water kettle you get it instantly.

Not to mention it's completely collapsible which makes it easy to store and fun to use. The bottom is high-quality stainless steel that insulates quickly so you have hot water in seconds.


  • Patented 360-degree rotational base
  • Made with food-grade silicone and industrial stainless steel
  • Takes about 4-6 minutes to boil
  • Auto shut off function saves you the hassle of doing it yourself

Say goodbye to conventional tea kettles and go with something twice as quick with our Collapsible Electric Water Kettle and order yours online today!

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