Clavicle Support Posture Corrector

Clavicle Support Posture Corrector

Are you looking for a way to improve your posture? Our original Clavicle Support Posture Corrector dramatically improves poor posture by holding your shoulders back with a clavicle brace that prevents slouching. 

Nothing is worse than a hunched back, it can cause long term damage to your spine making it hard to move freely. Over time, our posture corrector will slowly straighten your back to its normal position giving you complete mobility and a much-improved posture.

Each brace is meticulously crafted with a premier elastic neoprene material that provides optimal spine support while maintaining maximum comfort.


  • Dramatically improves posture over time
  • Comfortable and easy to put on
  • Crafted with premium neoprene for a durable finish
  • Prevents slouching by keeping your shoulders back

Start improving your posture and order your Magnetic Posture Corrector online today!

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