Avocado Storage Container

Avocado Storage Container

Keep your avocados fresh, tasty, and right where they belong with our Avocado Storage Containers!

In the shape of an Avocado, this half storage container allows you to fit any half sliced avocado, pit included, inside the container so it stays ripe and ready to eat.

A silicone strap wraps around the avocado with adjustable loops that allow you to keep any sized avocado fresh throughout the day!


  • Fun Avocado design container built to keep any half avocado fresh
  • A side green adjustable strap allows to you keep any sized avocado inside
  • Hollowed out hole lets you keep the pit inside as well
  • Makes a great gift for any friend or loved one with an avocado obsession

Keep your avocados fresh with our Avocado Storage Container and order yours online today!

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