Adjustable Scale Measuring Spoons

Adjustable Scale Measuring Spoons

With the Adjustable Scale Measuring Spoon, you can measure out the exact amount of sauce, spice, pepper, or whatever you want without needing an extra measuring spoon!

Just scale back to the measurement you want on the Measuring Spoon and you can pour the perfect proportions without switching out cups constantly.

This all in one measuring cup will save you time and the hassle of needing separate measuring cups or spoons in the kitchen when needing exact measurements.


  • Made with premium PP material that's incredibly durable
  • Adjust the Measuring Spoon to the exact proportion you need
  • Markings on the spoon allow you to find the right amount
  • Saves you time from constantly going back and forth with measuring cups

Measure out everything you need in the kitchen with our Adjustable Scale Measuring Spoons and order yours online today!

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