8 LED Foldable Make Up Mirror

8 LED Foldable Makeup Mirror  

With our 8 LED Foldable Makeup Mirror, you’ll be waking up excited looking forward to your morning makeup routine!

This handy makeup mirror is completely foldable making it great for on-the-go access while being able to fit in your purse comfortably.

Did we forget to tell you the front mirror has 8 LED bulbs surrounding it? That’s right. This salon-quality mirror emits intense white light that allows you to get detailed with your mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow even at night!


  • Foldable design that makes it easy to travel with
  • 8 LED bulbs attached to the front mirror
  • Ultra HD mirror that makes it easier than ever to apply your makeup
  • Batteries: 1 x 12V 23A battery (include)

Make your morning makeup routine easier than ever with our 8 LED Foldable Makeup Mirror and order yours online today!

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