6 Pc Set Seal Proof Silicone Food Lids

Our Seal Proof Silicone Food Lids Set comes with 6 pieces of completely seal proof lids you can use to cover your leftover meals so they stay fresh and edible much longer.

They’re made of stretchy silicone material that can fit over all your pots, pans, and tupperware with ease. Not to mention with 6 different sizes you can keep all your leftovers or freshly cooked meals covered no matter how little or large the amount is.

Plus they’re heat resistant and microwave safe so you can use them on anything you want to heat up without worrying about melting plastic.


  • BPA Free
  • Heat resistant to 450 degrees
  • Completely microwave safe
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Comes with 6 different silicone lids 

Cover all your meals with our 6 Pc Set Seal Proof Silicone Food Lids and order yours online today!

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