5 Headers Spin Body Massager

5 Headers Spin Body Massager

Sore muscles? Don't worry. With the 5 Headers Spin Body Massager you can take care of any lingering soreness, muscle ache, or stiffness so your body feels fresh and completely rejuvenated.

8 different massaging nodes are attached to the Body Massager that deeply knead into your muscle tissue therapeutically alleviating any pain you're experiencing.

It's very lightweight, portable, and features a smooth ergonomic grip that makes it easy to use without causing any discomfort whatsoever.


  • Made with premium ABS plastic material
  • 8 massaging nodes go deep into your muscle tissue to alleviate pain
  • Completely therapeutic and feels great
  • Great for anyone suffering from lingering muscle soreness

1. Power Speed Regulator
2. Hand Grip
3. Massage Head
4. Wave Cap
5. Roller Cap
6. Mesh Cover

Say goodbye to a stiff body with our 5 Headers Spin Body Massager and order yours online today!

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