4PC Reusable Carpet Rug Grippers

4PC Reusable Carpet Rug Grippers

All our carpets and rugs eventually lose their grip. But with our 4PC Reusable Carpet Rug Grippers, they never have to!

These triangular corner grippers stick to your carpets with a strong sticky adhesive and even stronger rubber grip bottom that ensure your carpets don't slide when you walk over them.

To make things even better they're completely washable and reusable so you don't have to toss them out when they lose their grip. Just give them a wash and they're good to go!


  • Made with premium rubber material 
  • 100% washable and reusable
  • Ensures your carpet or rug never loses its grip
  • Comes with 4 pieces of triangular rubber grips

Keep our 4PC Reusable Carpet Rug Grippers on your carpets for a stable grip and order yours online today!

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