3PC Snack Sealing Lid

3PC Snack Sealing Lid

With the 3PC Snack Sealing Bag, you can keep an open bag sealed shut and moisture free!

Simply place the plastic clip around the bag, flip the top of the bag over the clip, then place the top sealing lid over the bag and you'll never see any air enter or leave the bag.

They come in 3 different sizes that allow you to seal shut all sorts of bags so you can keep your favorite snacks and food tasting great!


  • Made with a premium plastic material that's durable to the touch
  • Keeps your food and bags of chips airtight
  • Comes with 3 different sized bag sealers
  • 100% eco-friendly

Keep your bags of food or chips sealed shut with our 3PC Snack Sealing Bag and order yours online today!

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