360 Degree Rotating Laptop Stand

360 Degree Rotating Laptop Stand

With the 360 Degree, Rotating Laptop Stand you can work productively on your laptop at the perfect viewing angle without straining your neck!

The stand elevates around 45 degrees so you can work comfortably on your laptop and prevent any injury from the lumbar vertebrae.

You can even rotate your laptop when it's on the stand as the base swivels 360 degrees so you can work from any position you want. There's even a little slot at the side of the stand to keep your smartphone on for extra convenience!


  • Rotates 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle
  • Made with premium PP material
  • Elevates your laptop so you can work more productively
  • Side pocket for your smartphone for extra convenience

Protect your neck when working on your laptop with our 360 Degree Rotating Laptop Stand and order yours online today!

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