2 Way Pet Hair & Lint Remover


2 Way Pet Hair & Lint Remover

Are you tired of having dog hair cover your sofas and furniture? Well with our 2 Way Pet Hair & Lint Remover you can kiss those days goodbye! 

Every dog or cat owner could benefit from our pet hair remover. It helps keep the inside of your home clean and free from nasty fur sticking to your clothing that could cause irritation when going about your day.

It’s super simple to clean, once the base is full pop open the bottom lid and you can take out all the built-up fur to keep it clean and ready for the next swipe!


  • Wipes away pet fur from textured surfaces with ease
  • Double side design makes it twice as effective than most lint removers
  • Wipe against the grain to get fur off
  • Uncap bottom lid to clean built-up hair

Keep your home clean from all pet hair with our 2 Way Pet Hair & Lint Remover and order yours online today!

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