5PCS Yoga Resistance Bands Set

Enjoy a full-body workout in the comfort of your home with our 5PC Yoga Resistance Bands Set!

Ditch the dumbbells and get straight to your leg workout with the resistance bands wrapped around your thighs, ankles, or calves and you'll feel a great burn that you can't get from working out at a gym!

Included in the set are 5 different levels of resistance bands that you can gradually work your way up to so you can be stronger, leaner, and more confident in the end.


  • 5 different intensity level resistance bands included
  • Made with tough grade rubber material 
  • A user manual comes included so you can see all the different workouts that are possible with the resistance bands 
  • Allows you to get a full-body workout on in your own home

Strengthen your body and tone up with our 5PCS Yoga Resistance Bands Set and order yours online today!

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